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    Hello to all!
    I have the european vesrion of this beautiful game (T-72, a.k.a. Iron Warriors).
    Looking at some screenshots here on the website, I see that some (if not all) the gauges of the tank (engine power, throttle, speed) have their description in russian.
    Look, for example, at the speed dial.
    In mine it reads made in URSS, in the russian version something with CCCP.
    So, I was wondering: why not provide us with the textures files to have all the gauges (engine, ammunition etc...) written in russian?
    I'm asking so, because it would add, in my opinion, more realism to the sim.
    Perhaps, some players from the East Europe could also provide the correct texture files, from their russian game versions.
    Greetings to all and apologize for my English!

  ► gauges in russian? is it possible?


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