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    Un Recordo…
    La Nebbia al Marakana di Beograd, quando Beograd era Jugoslava e il Bilan era gia` lo stesso Bilan di adesso...Fra nebbie, black out ed ombre.

    Saviæeviæ sparkles
    Crvena Zvezda fans, though, had cause for confidence after a superb performance in Milan (1-1, Stoijkovic, Virdis), and their side kept up the momentum two weeks later. Saviæeviæ opened the scoring with a brilliant volley and Crvena Zvezda appeared to have one foot in the quarter-finals until a thick fog descended on the Marakana, forcing the second leg to be abandoned. The teams returned the next day at 3pm and this time, in brilliant sunshine in front of 88,500, it was Van Basten who struck first ten minutes before half-time. Milan's lead would be short-lived, though, as Stojkoviæ equalised four minutes later in a thrilling game.
    New era
    There were no further goals and after extra-time, Milan prevailed 4-2 on penalties…
    At the end of season Milan were crowned Queen of Europe for the first time in 20 years
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    Link OT in Recalo ai cinefili, e ai cinofili.:cool:

  ► Nebbia. L'era del Bilan comincio` per Bulo.


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