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    Recently I purchased Iron Warriors: T-72 Tank
    Command and have been enjoying the challenge of the sim very much.
    I've found out the very hardest way that I'm glad I'm not a TC in real

    Anyway, here is the problem: I've been working my way through the
    campaign and have finally been given command of a T-72. The mission
    ("River" I think the name is) opens, I switch to the gunner's position
    and I have no primary sight! I've got all six of the secondary, manual
    reticles (3 thermal and 3 normal), but not the regular sight. Also
    not present is the laser range finder. And, because the manual
    reticles are zoomed to max magnification they are almost useless. Now
    in the firing range training the sight is there and also in the single
    mission "meeting engagement", but not in the campaign.

    Needless to say I am a bit vexed by this. I do know also that the next
    two missions in the single player campaign are also sans sight/range

    I've already downloded the patch and that didn't help (of course I'm not even sure that the patch did much of anything. In the sim it says I'm running version 1.3. The installer for the patch does not specify the path to install to so I just installed it to the "Iron Warriors" folder.) Also have been tweaking the settings both in the game and in the config editor with no joy.

    Can someone please tell me what I can do to fix this problem? I'm really enjoying the sim and I'd like to continue working on it but with the sight problems it makes it practically impossible to operate with any kind of hope at a favorable outcome.


    Seal Beach, California
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    Um...is there anyone out there? Bdave? This forum is where I was sent by Strategy First and I was hoping to get some help here.

    I've uninstalled and reinstalled the software several times and the results are always the same: no primary gunner's sight in the T-72 in the campaign. And as for the patch I've tried installing it and it just makes no difference (seems to have no affect).

    I really enjoy the challenge of this sim and would like to continue with it but it simply is not playable in a T-72 without the proper sight (or the rangefinder for that matter).\

    Can someone please help? I do so want to continue with the campaign but now it seems my only choice is to uninstall and leave Iron Warriors on the shelf. And that is a course of action that I do not want to take.


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