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    Terzo livello della serie Back to Basics 2007 . :)

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    Disaster! Lara's favourite crowbar has been stolen by a London street-gang that is known to have a hideout in an abandoned complex of tunnels and rooms beneath the city. The complex was part of the old Mill Lake Underground terminus. The station has long been disused, having closed when the tunnels collapsed. The whole area is now due for re-development and is, for the most part, fenced off from the rest of the city. This will not deter Lara from getting revenge on the gang and retrieving her beloved crowbar. Using a commercial wheelie bin as a jumping off point, she climbs over the fence and lands on the other side. At the end of the street is the barred gate of Mill Lake Station. All she must do now is get inside. Filled with anger and a desire for revenge, Lara sets off on her crusade to recover her property. Pity the fools who stand in her way for, as we all know only too well, Hell hath no fury like a woman robbed of her crowbar.

    Da trovare anche 5 segreti, validi per la nostra Secrets Hunter Competition :D

  Sq Tester in BtB 2007: Hell Hath No Fury


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