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    Lara Croft is without doubt a globally recognised icon, and the success of our original United Colours Of Lara Croft challenge proved our fearless aristocrat is still beating the drum a decade later. So we're back with another exclusive competition, and this time we're asking fans to download a stunning render from Tomb Raider Anniversary and dress up in their own country colours.

    Our Lara Croft render comes in three flavours. Two JPEG versions (Lara on black and Lara on white) and a special transparent PSD for those with a flair for Adobe Photoshop. An example of previous challenge entries - mobilised prior to the release of Tomb Raider Legend - can be seen here.

    Entries can be uploaded to either www.imageshack.us or www.photobucket.com, and posted on this special thread on Tomb Raider Forums or right here on this thread at videogame.it. We'll collect the cream of the crop and publish exclusively on our magazine. A winning entry will be selected end of February 2007.

    Good luck, and happy raiding!

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    Simpatica iniziativa, faccio qualche prova con il psd, grazie per la info :approved:
    "Quando questo artefatto sprigionera' la sua furia verso il basso, le linee di giunzione del pianeta esploderanno. Jörmungandr, la serpe di Midgard si levera' sputando veleno nei cieli, e tutto il mondo verra' consumato da fuoco e cenere...Ragnarök! La settima era ci attende!"...

    Lara Croft Global Staff

  United Colours Of Lara Croft 2007 Challenge engages!


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