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    Originally posted by sharptoothed
    Hi there.
    (Sorry, I have no time to check up if any similar thread is already exist.)

    If you like TR AOD and want they to make a sequel, please, sign this petition.


    The plot of AoD was wonderful, but the game was an enormous sh*t!:asd: If the purpose of the petition is to convince Eidos to complete the AoD series... I'll never sign it! In my opinion and according to my conception of the TR series, AoD never existed!:D
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    Io spero che faranno un seguito, almeno per chiarire delle cose lasciate in sospeso o che, per colpa dei tagli, non si sono chiarite bene in AOD stesso; poi i bug di TRAOD saranno un ricordo dato che se viene fatto, viene fatto dalla Crystal, e poi volendo in qualche modo si potrebbe adattare tutto al titolo Tomb Raider :) quindi ho firmato :approved:

    I've sign me too!!

    PS: il modello di Lara poi è già pronto :D
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    To be honest, I'm tired of discussing on merits and demerits of AOD. It's all about tastes of every particular person. I like AOD but I agree with Angel_14 from tombraiderforums.com
    Core admitted, that AoD wasn't TR-ish and they even stated, that AoD2 would have been A very TR-y game with full of ancient ruins in Turkey, etc... What a pity

    I created this thread to let people who interested in making sequel of AOD know about the petition.
    And I think it would be offtopic to start discuss about how you like or dislike AOD. If don't like it, simply don't sign.

  Tomb Raider AOD: petition to Eidos


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