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    Welcome everyone , In collaboration with the international forum TRLE we are very glad to present you our international forum TRLE : Stuck in a custom Level . A forum created and attended by the Italian experts community of Custom levels . A forum for all who need suggestions in order to proceed in TRLE custom levels . Help with game with or without savegame. Insertion of images.

    In order to keep in order this TRLE forum and make easy the search for answers to other visitors, we please anyone to follow the few, simple rules listed below:

    1) Keep all questions related to one level in one thread or its continuation. Please don't open any new threads for the specific level if one exists already. If you're not sure whether discussions for the level you're stuck in exist - use the search function to find out. This way all questions and answers related to a specific level are kept in the same thread.

    2) If you're playing a level series, please open a new thread for each new level if you're stuck. Don't discuss all levels in the same thread - if the level series has 20 levels, it's pretty hopeless to search for answers of a specific place in level 10 in a most likely long and cluttered thread for the whole series.

    The only exception from this rule is if 1 level actually consists of 2 or 3 'levels' or parts, that are named exactly the same (for example the Flying temple - 2 parts, 4 statues (The Forgotten City of Sanus 3) - 3 parts) - for clarity's sake, the questions concerning those can be kept in the same threads.

    Thank you very much an good fun ! :approved:
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    thank you Roberto for opening this thread...
    welcome all our foreigners friends and ...happy raiding!:approved:
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