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    [ September 2nd 2007 ]

    Micro update for our readers on what to expect in the coming months. Eidos recently attended Leipzig Games Convention in Germany to showcase many upcoming titles including Tomb Raider Anniversary on Nintendo Wii. Media from Leipzig can be collected from our Eidos Press Vault courtesy of UIQO.com.

    During a recent visit to Eidos HQ, we got a chance to take Lara Croft for a spin on the Nintendo Wii platform. The experience was novel in many aspects, from additional features embedded into the game through alternative routes to completing levels, all taking advantage of the unique Wii control system. We'll have a full review of Lara's Nintendo outing online soon, and a fresh look at the Microsoft Xbox 360 version in the coming weeks.

    We don't anticipate Eidos making any announcement on Tomb Raider 8 this year. Our sources are speculating a January announcement is most likely at this time. However, in the coming months we will continue to furnish you with goodness from Anniversary. We'll also be taking time out to improve and update older sections of our web site and will post updates accordingly.

    On the whole, we've been delighted with player response to Tomb Raider Anniversary. You can use Earth's biggest Tomb Raider Forums to document your own thoughts on the game, along with using our platform to chat with over 28,000 fans of Lara Croft. Share tips, have fun and play games. Our forum is moderated ensuring a safe environment for all age groups.

    No word from Paramount Pictures on a final Tomb Raider motion picture. As we earlier reported, Angelina Jolie has signed on for three movies based on the Tomb Raider video-game and box office receipts from The Cradle Of Life - while not spectacular - do warrant investment in a third picture.

    Eidos Director Ian Livingstone has indicated a third movie is in the pipeline and we'll keep our eyes and ears planted in a number of industry hotspots in the hope of bringing you more on this project as it transpires.

    Lara Croft TV will continue to offer fans unmarked, full size images of Lara Croft from the entire Tomb Raider series and we will be endeavouring to bring online more media in GIANT resolution in our Pictography microsite previously only available via our magazine, along with expanding our Show Reel microsite with unmarked, HQ movies and footage from Tomb Raider.

    Tomb Raider music and soundtracks remain offline while we continue to negotiate with Eidos on licensing arrangements and fees where applicable. Be sure to regularly check Lara Croft TV for updates.

    Thank you for your continued support of our magazine, and be sure to check back regularly for new media, updates and a few surprises.

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    Peccato, niente su TR8 fino a gennaio a quanto dice, usciranno delle news su TRA e Angelina pare abbia firmato per il terzo film.
    "Quando questo artefatto sprigionera' la sua furia verso il basso, le linee di giunzione del pianeta esploderanno. Jörmungandr, la serpe di Midgard si levera' sputando veleno nei cieli, e tutto il mondo verra' consumato da fuoco e cenere...Ragnarök! La settima era ci attende!"...

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