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    [ September 26th 2007 ]

    Eidos has dispatched a monster new photoshoot showcasing Karima Adebibe as our fiery British heroine Lara Croft during the recent Leipgiz Games Convention where the publisher showcased Tomb Raider Anniversary on the Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360 platform.

    Karima Adebibe replaced former model Jill de Jong to become the new face of cyber-heroine Lara Croft in February 2006. She was cast from thousands of hopefuls to help promote Tomb Raider Legend.

    She has since gone on to promote the Tomb Raider franchise around the world on behalf of Eidos plc, and becomes the first Lara Croft model to give interviews to the media. She's also a thoroughly charming person, as we found out when we interviewed her.


  Karima Adebibe Leipzig Photoshoot


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