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    Intervista a Daniel Cabuco e alcune immagini nuove di Legend proposte da lui!!!

    Oh man i love your work with tomb raider legend and i just wanted to ask you some things
    Thanks Joe, it's nice to know people liked my work. =)

    1) Why did so much stuff get cut out of legend?
    Wow that is a really big question. Truth be told, not a lot of completed work got cut from legend. And as for the reason, it's usually because some technology, idea, or setting was deemed unfeasible. With technology, it's because we lost so much quality from the gameplay experience that we had to throw it out. The PS2 is a wonderful machine, but when it hit the wall, it hit it really hard. With ideas, well, someone has to make a call whether an idea works or not. It's a matter of opinion which ideas are better, but in the end the creative director makes the call. With setting, it's because of time constraints, redundancy, or because it's just not as cool as we thought it would be. We say in game creation that the only people who cry over stuff that's not in the game are the creators, and it's flattering to see fans talking about it after they see it too. But for every idea you know about, there are countless others, whether they be in storyboard, dialogue, level design, cinematics, character design, technology, animation, etc that each discipline shed tears over discarding. That's game design, and it's nothing new. I enjoyed working on TR, and I know that every person on that team gave their very best to make a great experience. It's not like we were saying 'heh lets pick something random to throw out to **** off people!' When we cut something, depending on how far along the idea is, it can feel like killing your kids at the time. But in the end you realize the cuts were made for good reason. Well to go into it more, I'd have to give a lecture on the cycles of game creation, but there are many more qualified people to give such a lecture at GDC.

    2) Why didnt angel of darkness get continued? It was a **** game but the storyline rocks and continueing it dosent mean continuing the bad gameplay and annoying bugs, it means to continue the good storyline
    When we got the franchise from Core, there was a lot of discussion about what to do with AoD and Lara. Since the fanbase and sales had suffered in recent years, it was decided that a 'reboot' of the series was in order. Following an old storyline put a lot of constraints on what we wanted to do with Tomb Raider. In order to give ourselves a chance to get some creative breathing room we decided against trying to salvage AoD's storyline. The risks were weighed very very carefully. Do we anger the smaller fanbase of those who followed AoD (arguably the people more vocal on message boards) in order to reach a wider audience and introduce new fans to the franchise? Even those people who loved AoD might not have liked what Crystal did with a second AoD. It was a tough decision to go with our own storyline, but as an artist, I fully supported it. No one likes having to follow another person's creative endeavor, especially trying to decide what was good and what was bad about it.

    3) Are you working on the next tomb raider?
    No. TRA was the last TR I worked on.

    4) Where you working on tomb raider: Anniversary?
    Yes, I designed a couple of the baddies: Pierre DuPont and Larson. I also made a bunch of costumes for Lara and the key art with the T-Rex attacking Lara.

    5) If you were than what was the whole buisness with the t-rex tooth (i hacked the game and found out that there was originally going to be a line in the journal that said "Maybe the t-rex tooth will come in handy")
    Sorry, I didn't know what it was for. It was probably a key for something. I wish I could say "yeah it was her secret knife weapon that could cut thru anything!" : P

    Thanks and once again, I love your work!
    Thanks Joe!


    Lara Xbox 360


  Intervista a Daniel Cabuco e alcune immagini nuove di Legend proposte da lui!!!


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