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    [ December 9th 2007 ]

    Time for a trip down memory lane while Crystal Dynamics potter away on Tomb Raider Underworld. Download and watch cut scene cinematics from all eight previous Tomb Raider games - including the coveted and critically acclaimed Tomb Raider Anniversary - in screen-hugging, polygon-rich quality.

    Lara Croft comes to life once again in superior motion picture quality, reliving past exploits from her original 1996 adventure, through Tomb Raider Legend and Anniversary. 250 remarkable and entertaining cut scene cinematics are now available to download and watch time and time again.

    This concludes our endeavours to deliver very HQ cut scene cinematics from the entire Tomb Raider series and we hope you enjoy and marvel at just how far the franchise has come as we press on with opening the doors on a brand new adventure in the coming weeks.

    Tomb Raider Series Cinematics in Ultra HQ

    In pratica ci sono in questo link tutti i video di tutti i Tomb Raider fin'ora usciti in inglese e in Ultra HQ ^^

  Tomb Raider Series Cinematics Online


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