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    Il gioco è alle porte la carne sul fuoco è molta e ci serve un posto dove parlarne in modo ordinato.

    Informazioni generali:
    Publisher: Microsoft Games Studios
    Developer: Lionhead Studios
    Xbox 360
    Prezzo: 59,90 euro, 64,99 euro LCE
    Date d'uscita:
    --North America: 21 Ottobre
    --Australia: 23 Ottobre
    --Europe: 24 Ottobre
    Giocatori: 1-2 On/Offline
    PEGI: 16+
    ESRB: M (Mature)
    OFLC: M (Mature)
    BBFC: 15

    Official Websites:
    UK Website
    US Website
    Lionhead Website
    of Albion, three short stories detailing the events before Fable 1,
    after Fable 1 and right before Fable 2. Requires Microsoft Silverlight

    Official Site with flash adventure where you can win items and gold for your game

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    Contenuto della limited : (ora con qualcosa in meno del primo annuncio)

    * 1 token card for in-game content (downloadable over Xbox Live)
    * 1 Live trial card – 48 hours
    * Bonus disc containing the "Making of Fable 2"

    An Xbox Live account is required for the following items:
    * “The Wreckager” Legendary Cutlass Weapon
    * “The Hall of the Dead” Dungeon
    * Otherworldly bonus - advertised with image of an outfit reminiscent
    of Master Chief and a look alike to the Energy Sword found in Halo.


    One Button Combat:
    All combat is context specific, so that, if a player is on top of a
    tower, pressing a particular button may cause the player to throw an
    enemy off of the tower rather than attack with a weapon.

    Additional features are to be included:
    * Positional advantage: if an enemy is above the player such as on stairs, they have a tactical advantage
    * Skill increases: better combos and flourishes become unlocked as the character progresses
    * Weapon specific attacks: the character's combat style will change according to the kind of weapon they are using.
    * Ranged weapon targeting: while using a gun, the player can aim more accurately by using a crosshair.
    * Unlike the first game, Fable 2 will not have a mana bar. Instead, the
    player has to charge a meter, thereby unlocking the ability to cast
    higher level spells.
    * If the player presses and holds the X button he will block, and
    holding down the button while moving the analog stick will unleash a
    Weapons include: guns, axes, swords, hammers, pole arms and maces.
    Longbows will not be in Fable II due to the appearance of guns. In
    Albion, however, crossbows will still be available.

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    Early on in the game (approx 45 minutes real time) the player will
    encounter a pet dog that will stay with him or her for the rest of the
    game. Every dog will be unique in some way and will change appearance
    and personality depending on a variety of factors, including the
    player's alignment. Obeying three built-in laws (do not irritate the
    player, unconditionally love the player and self-preservation), the dog
    features advanced AI. Behavior is context-specific; the dog will stay
    much closer in towns or when the player is hurt in battle, and if the
    player goes to a shop the dog will wait outside until the player leaves
    the shop. It is, to a degree, trainable using expressions.

    The dog will assist the player by performing a variety of tasks, for example:
    * The dog can alert the player to threats without alerting enemies
    of the player's presence; as such the dog has replaced the mini-map
    which was present in Fable.
    * The dog attacks whichever enemy the player is most vulnerable to. If
    there are two enemies ahead, one with a gun and one with a sword, a
    player wielding a sword would be vulnerable to the enemy with the gun,
    so the dog would attack the gunman.
    * The dog also uses many different barks, growls and whines each
    informing the player of something of particular interest or importance.
    * The dog will be programmed with advanced AI so it can gradually learn
    different behaviors. For example it will eventually know how to call
    the player's attention in a time of threat or to let the player know of
    any hidden treasures.

    Some of the interactions players can have with their dog include buying
    toys, playing fetch, rewarding or punishing their dogs for their
    actions, and hiding from it.

    *Players will be able to invite another player into there game at any moment of play online or offline.
    *Offline co-op guest can be chosen from either a prefab character or
    can be imported from an existing Fable II save on the systems harddrive
    or memory card.
    *These second players will not have a dog and, if the safety feature is
    turned off, can do anything they want in your world leaving a permanent
    *Host players will be able to choose how much gold, experience and renown their guest will receive while playing in their world.
    *Albion Orbs are purple orbs that will represent XBL friends playing in
    their world in realtime. Players can initiate coop via these orbs and
    also exchange items.
    *All experience, gold, and renown a guest player accumulates can be imported back to their world.
    *Clothing and armor no longer have any kind of defense rating, all armor/defensive stats are under the toughness skill.
    *Weapons and clothing/armors can have slots to equip augments.

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    *You can play as either a boy or a girl, starting at childhood and advancing to old age.
    *Age is based on quests done and story events, not experience like the original. The max age is 50.
    *Fable II is set 500 years after the events of the original Fable.
    *You can get married, have sex and have children. As well you can have same sex relations and marriages.
    *You can buy every building, cave and dungeon in the game.
    *Fable II's world is said to be 10 times the size of the original.

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    Arit72 ha scritto:
    Il primo l'ho trovato mediocre.
    Con tutta la roba in uscita non
    penso proprio che meriti la mia attenzione.
     Assodato che il primo possa essere mediocre non pensi che il seguito possa essere un buon gioco o deve essere scartato a priori. Le prime impressioni e recensioni sembrano dire che sia tutt'altro che mediocre.
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    alexspooky ha scritto:
    il gioco mi ispira,ma non avendo giocato il primo,volevo chiedere un paio di cose agli esperti :

    1)qual'e' la percentuale dei vari generi (action,gdr,strategico) ?
    2)ci sono enigmi ?
    3)ci sono combattimenti,se ci sono,in real time o a turni stile FF ?

    Per ora va bene cosi'.
     E' un Action-RPG (quindi ci sono sia la componente action che RPG con crescita del personaggio ma non in modo clessico) Strategia non penso se non nel poteziare con saggezza le propre abilità. Non penso ci siano enigmi molto importanti, nella media degli action rpg. I combattimenti sono in tempo reale.
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    Da quello che ho capito, questo secondo episodio rirpende dal primo solo l'ambientazione fiabesca e qualche caratteristica del combattimento...poi è tutto molto più ampio e ben sviluppato; direi che i paragoni col primo sono fuori luogo, è un dato di fatto che questo sia tutt'altra cosa ;)

    Comunque il Coop online non è disponibile quando si compra il gioco, ci sarà una patch da scaricare via live quasi immediatamente dopo l'uscita del gioco.
  8. ciao!  
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    acarolla ha scritto:
    Assodato che il primo possa essere mediocre non pensi che il seguito possa essere un buon gioco o deve essere scartato a priori. Le prime impressioni e recensioni sembrano dire che sia tutt'altro che mediocre.
     Il problema è che esce troppa roba, e una volta fable
    mi ha già scottato.
    Preferisco provare le "novità" Far Cry o Fallout piuttosto.
    Quando il gioco si fa duro, i giochi iniziano a durare!
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    Arit72 ha scritto:
    Il problema è che esce troppa roba, e una volta fable
    mi ha già scottato.
    Preferisco provare le "novità" Far Cry o Fallout piuttosto.
     Aspetta le recensioni e non prenderlo al dayone ma una possibilità gli va data.

    Siamo noi a scegliere man mano quali abilità sbloccare con l'esperienza guadagnate se una nuova magia, il potenziamento di una vecchia, l'abilità da cecchino o una nuova combo.
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