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    What's Dissidia
    Dissidia is a fighting game from Square Enix that features a crossover between the heroes and villains from the Final Fantasy series. The heroes represent the goddess Cosmos and seek out the crystals to restore balance, while the villains serve the dark god Chaos who opposes Cosmos. Each numbered entry from the first to the tenth game is represented by a single protagonist and a single antagonist. There will be a full story mode for each of the heroes, complete with stages and cutscenes. The game will also support versus play over ad-hoc and Ad-hoc Party (PS3 only), as well as a quick battle mode. All character levels and acquired abilities, summons and equipment are consistent across all modes linked via a single player profile. The versus mode also supports uploading and downloading of player Ghosts, and the game features an in-depth replay saving mode that supports output to avi and jpg files.

    Weekly Famitsu review: 10/9/9/8
    Dengeki Playstation review: 90/95/85/85


    Warrior of Light
    Voice: Toshihiko Seki
    Concept: All Rounder
    Description: A fighter that can handle combat well from a distance as well as up close, he's a well balanced standard character that can handle various situations well.
    Voice: Kenji Utsumi
    Concept: Reverse Standard
    Description: Out of all the quirky Chaos characters, he is the most standardized. As powerful attacking character, his attacks adjust accordingly based on how hard the buttons are pressed.

    Voice: Hikaru Midorikawa
    Concept: Weapon Specialist
    Description: Similar to his design in the game he originates from, he is a master of all weapon types. His various attacks will make use of various different weapons, giving him a variety of options.
    The Emperor
    Voice: Kenyuu Horiuchi
    Concept: Trap Maker
    Description: He is a tactical character who can turn the environment against opponents using mines and homing magic attacks. There are many more tricks up his sleeve awaiting careless enemies.

    Onion Knight

    Voice: Jun Fukuyama
    Concept: Magic or Sword
    Description: This character has both melee attacks and magic attacks at his disposal, players can choose to focus on one style of play or mix both for a deadly combination. He is also the fastest character in the Cosmos line up.

    Cloud of Darkness

    Voice: Masako Ikeda
    Concept: Beam Master
    Description: Her movements are like a cloud dancing in the sky, and tentacles from her body reach forth to attack enemies. Her mastery is in using long range particle beams to keep her opponents at bay.

    Cecil Harvey
    Voice: Shizuma Hodoshima
    Concept: Style Change
    Description: He has two completely different styles in a single character - the Dark Knight is a slow but strong offensive character that favors ground combat, while the Paladin is a mid-air specialist who is better rounded in both movement and defense. It is up to the player to change between the two styles during combat.
    Voice: Takeshi Kaga
    Concept: Double Attack
    Description: An unusual character with many tricky abilities. Every attack he executes is two attacks in one, each with a different range. Even though he wears heavy armor, his movement is not particularly restricted.

    Butz Klauser
    Voice: Souichirou Hoshi
    Concept: Utility Player
    Description: As a homage to the Mimic job class in the game he originates from, his attacks and skills are borrowed from all the other Cosmos characters along with their weapons. It is up to the player to best maximize the ability to string together attacks from different characters and create combos not normally possible with those attacks.
    Voice: Tarou Ishida
    Concept: Guard Counter
    Description: Most of his abilities and actions involve defense, but when he successfully guards from an incoming attack the resulting counter attacks will be brutal. Due to his play style, his movement is unusually slow.

    Tina Branford
    Voice: Yukari Fukui
    Concept: Magic Master
    Description: The most balanced out of all the magic users in the game, she has both ranged and melee magic attacks in her arsenal. She can also follow up her spells with follow up combos.
    Kefka Palazzo
    Voice: Shigeru Chiba
    Concept: Trickster
    Description: While he is mainly a magic user, his attacks often have unpredictable motions and behavior that confuses the opponent. His spells can home in on the enemy, and his play style relies on taunting the opponent into making foolish mistakes.

    Cloud Strife
    Voice: Takahiro Sakurai
    Concept: Smash and Blow
    Description: His abilities favor hitting the opponent away with strong attacks. By throwing enemies against the environment with such attacks, they suffer additional damage on top of the initial strike. He also has various aerial attacks to follow up on enemies that have been hit into the air.
    Voice: Toshiyuki Morikawa
    Concept: Blade Master
    Description: A true sword master who strikes at foes with attacks at light speed, to his opponents his sword is almost invisible. He has many attacks that work well, and any player should be able to find ones that they favor.

    Squall Leonhart
    Voice: Hideo Ishikawa
    Concept: Combo Master
    Description: Like in the original game he comes from, his attacks are often consist of more than a single strike. The appeal of his abilities lie in how well they contribute to combos and keep the enemy caught in a string of melee attacks.
    Voice: Atsuko Tanaka
    Concept: Magic Shooter
    Description: She's mainly a long ranged spell spammer, and by rapidly pressing the buttons she can continuously string together a set of a spell combos. Her attacks also allow her to hold down a button to charge for stronger magic attacks.

    Zidane Tribal
    Voice: Romi Park
    Concept: Air Master
    Description: A fast and agile character who leaps like a superhuman, the air is his playground. When transformed in his Trance mode, his mobility and speed are even greater.
    Voice: Akira Ishida
    Concept: Range Free
    Description: Able to fly freely in the air without a care in the world, he is also able to easily change directions and break out of attacks in the middle of combat. As he is not restrained by gravity or normal physics, the range and distance between him and his opponent is largely meaningless.

    Voice: Masakazu Morita
    Concept: Dodge Attacker
    Description: A high mobility character that specializes on dodging the attacks of the opponent, and following up with a series of fast and deadly counter attacks. His skill set includes the Overdrives from his original game.
    Voice: Masuo Amada
    Concept: Ultimate Infighter
    Description: The strongest and most focused melee character in the line up, he has extremely high attack power and dominates in close range combat. He has many dynamic abilities and attacks, like the True Jecht Shot that where he kicks a meteor at the opponent.

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    Voice: Megumi Hayashibara
    Concept: Level Up Magic
    Description: As her Brave amount increases or decreases, so do her available spells. When she uses her sole HP Attack, she can also string it into a continuous combo, however the HP Attack can be rather challenging to pull off successfully.

    Voice: Akio Ohtsuka
    Concept: EX Judge Master
    Description: ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
    Gameplay Modes

    Story Mode
    In the Story Mode of Dissidia, the player can select any of the 10 heroes on the side of Cosmos. Each character has their own adventure complete with voiced cutscenes and stages. The stages are presented like a board game, and the player spends Destiny Points to move character piece around the board to encounter enemies and treasures. When the stage conditions have been met, the path to the boss piece will be open leading to the conclusion of the stage. Players will be assessed on how well they performed at the end of each stage and receive bonus points and items.

    Quick Battle
    Select any available character and play a quick battle against a computer opponent. Character stats, levels and equipment carry over between modes, so you can train up characters using Quick Battle to improve their abilities in preparation for use in other modes.

    Wireless Mode

    Over ad-hoc or using Ad-hoc Party on the PS3, players can challenge each other using characters they have trained and customized. Players can exchange Friend Cards containing their statistics and Ghost data, and there are several different rule sets to choose from when engaging in a battle. There are hundreds of unlockable avatars to choose from to use in your Friend Card as well. There are also Artifact Items that evolve as they change hands between players. An Artifact is a basic item that can be renamed. As its name changes, it may gain special properties, and as the item changes hands from player to player and it will evolve with each renaming into a stronger and more unique weapon.

    PP Catalog
    Winning battles in Dissidia will earn the player PP points. These points are used in the PP Catalog to purchase unlockables. There are various things that can be bought from the PP Catalog including Chaos characters, additional BGM for use in battles, extra costumes for characters, and avatar icons.

    The Museum in the game is where the player can access all the media and data content that has been unlocked thus far. Movies that have been unlocked in the Story Mode will be visible here, along with all the music that has been purchased off the PP Catalog. Also available will be data sheets for the various characters and summons that have been unlocked during the game. The data sheets will provide information on the history of the characters and beasts relating to their appearances throughout the Final Fantasy series. The individual statistics for the playable characters can also be viewed here, showing how much distance the characters have covered over the course of use, how many battles they have fought, and other bits of info.

    How to Play
    Brave Attacks and HP Attacks
    Unlike regular action and fighting games, Dissidia uses a unique system of Brave and HP attacks to deal damage in battles. Each character in battle have two sets of points - Hitpoints and Brave Points. Like in any fighting game, the objective is to reduce the opponent's hitpoints to zero, but unlike a traditional fighting, Brave attacks do not reduce the HP of the opponent. Instead it drains the opponent's Brave Points and adds them to your own. If you reduce the opponent's Brave Points to zero, the character will enter a Break state and you will gain all the Brave Points that are in the pool that is indicated between the two lifebars on the screen. HP attacks on the other hand, will reduce the opponent's hitpoints by the exact amount of Brave the character has at the moment of the attack, after which the character's Brave Points are reduced to zero before slowly resetting to the initial base amount.

    Ex-Mode and Ex-Burst
    As a character deals damage to the opponent, tiny balls of light will materialize. By absorbing these balls, the Ex-Bar will fill up. Occasionally in a small bell-shaped Ex-Core will appear, and when attained it fills up a significant portion of the Ex-Bar. When a character's Ex-Bar is full, a transformation into the Ex-Mode is available. The Ex-Mode differs from character to character, but will generally enhance the character's fighting abilities in line with that character's unique style. When in Ex-Mode, a successful combo against the opponent can be finished off with an Ex-Burst - this is a special attack that each character has and is usually an extremely damaging series of Brave Attacks followed up by a deadly HP Attack finisher. When an Ex-Burst is being used against you, there is a vertical defense bar with an indicator that can be balanced by rapidly tapping the button to raise it up or slowing down the tapping to allow it to drop. Balancing the indicator at the ideal spot will reduce the damage from the Ex-Burst by the indicated amount.

    Summons in Dissidia act as support skills that influence the Brave Points during a battle. Each Summon has a unique skill, but only a single Summon can be equipped for a battle at any one time. The skills that the Summons provide can vary from copying the Brave Points of the opponent as your own, to draining away your opponent's Brave Points. There are also skills that have certain on-going effects on the Brave Points of either the player or the opponent for a limited amount of time. The game will feature over 50 summons that can be acquired throughout the Story Mode.

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    Character Customization

    As Dissidia is based on the Final Fantasy series, it would not be proper to not have an in-depth character customization system to give the game a role-playing flavor. Each character in the game starts at Level 1, but gains experience points during and after battles. Like in any RPG, these characters can level up and improve their attributes. There are six different attributes - HP (Hitpoints), CP (Capacity Points), BRV (Brave), LUK (Luck), ATK (Attack), and DEF (Defense). HP determines the amount of hitpoints the character has in battles, CP determines what skills and abilities can be equipped on the character at the same time, BRV determines the initial Brave Points a character has in a battle, LUK influences the item drop rate, ATK influences the amount of Brave that is stolen with each Brave Attack, and DEF influences the amount of Brave that is stolen when you are hit with a Brave Attack.
    As characters level up they will also gain new skills and abilities, but while there are limited slots for attacks and passive abilities, each skill and ability also comes with a CP cost. Stronger skills will cost more CP to equip, and if there isn't enough left for other skills, sacrifices will have to be made. The game also features a variety of equipment that accessories that can be found in the game. Each character can equip a main weapon, an off-hand shield, a helm and a piece of armor. These equipment are not visually represented in battle, but they influence the character's attribute points and could also carry with them extra benefits. Accessories are unique equipment that provide certain battle benefits, but only when requirements at met in battle. These requirements could be related to performance or statistics within the battle. Often they will provide aid when a character is in an unfavorable or dire situation. Gil gained from battles can be used in the shop within the game to purchase new equipment and accessories.

    Battle Raise and Missions

    Each time certain general conditions in a battle are met, there's a small chance of gaining accessory components in that battle. These conditions can be viewed in the Customization Menu. By raising enough accessory components, these components can then be exchanged for rare items in the shop. Missions on the other hand, are specific achievements that are gained over the course of the entire play history. When a mission condition is completed, rewards will be given in the form of items, and more missions will be available. Available missions can be viewed in the Customization Menu as well.
    Replay System
    At the end of each battle, the player can save the replay data of the battle, but it doesn't end there. The game features an extensive replay editor mode where replays can be customized and edited in many ways. The editor has control over zoom, panning and camera rotation options throughout the entire timeline of the replay. User Displays can also be completely turned off for a more cinematic presentation. Quick screenshots can also be saved via jpg format within the editor at any time, and when the user is satisfied with how the replay looks, it can be saved into an avi for uploading on video sharing sites.

    Command Battle System
    For long time fans of the series that aren't particularly good at action games, Dissidia also offers a Command Battle Mode to play the game in. When using the Command Battle Mode, players do not have to control the movements of the character themselves. Instead the general action is controlled by the AI, while there is a classic FF style menu presenting the player with combat options like Attack (Brave Attack), Strike (HP Attack), Defend, Summon, Run, etc. As the actual action is totally automated the player would only need to select commands and watch the commands being executed - similar to playing a standard Final Fantasy battle on Active Mode.

    Data Install

    Dissidia supports data installation for players who have enough space on their memory sticks. By installing the game on the memory stick, load times will be reduced and result in a better playing experience. There are three types of installations available: the 245meg installation will install just the Battle data, the 373meg installation will install the Battle and Story data, while the full installation will take up 528meg. While the game installs on the memory stick, a homage to the Final Fantasy V introduction will be displayed.

    Trailer I
    Trailer II
    Trailer III
    Trailer IV 

    Video Gameplay:
    Onion Knight vs. Cloud of Darkness
    Tidus vs. Jecht
    Garland vs. Warrior of Light
    Cloud Vs. Sephiroth
    Story Mode
    Replay Mode
    Battle System:
    Brave Points
    Gametrailers.com - Dissidia: Final Fantasy - TGS 2008: Japanese Battle Gameplay
    HP points
    Gametrailers.com - Dissidia: Final Fantasy - TGS 2008: Japanese Battle Gamplay 2
    Gametrailers.com - Dissidia: Final Fantasy - Summons by psychohare
    Gametrailers.com - Dissidia: Final Fantasy - Japanese EX Mode Gameplay

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    Aggiungo che tra le varie modalità online del gioco (versus wireless, scambio items, scambio ghost, rankings e quant'altro) è oltretutto supportato il programmino Sony Ad-Hoc Party scaricabile dal PSN jap Ps3 che permette di giocare online tramite la ps3 con i titoli PSP che non hanno tale feature.

    Qui trovate un tutorial sull'utilizzo del tool: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nnGoIgZwavs

    è abbastanza comodo e funzionale
    oltre a essere l'unico modo per far del sano versus qui in italia XD

    chissà se su nextgame son l'unico interessato a 'sto titolo...
    ma parrebbe di si :P
    no via perfo... non ti abbandonerei mai! :DD

    Io me lo prendo... ma non credo proprio Jap...
    Nick Play Station Network: Froks
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     boh... non voglio 'sporcare'questo bel topic...ma visti tutti i video ecc,sto gioco non è che mi ispiri chissà che...da nessun punto di vista...sono piu'attratto da un retro-jrpg come c.trigger....e pur essendo un vecchio possessore di ps2,non saprei nemmeno spiegare il perchè..
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    No vabbè intendo,
    CT è non solo un jrpg tradizionale, ma persino un porting.
    Dissidia è un picchiaduro che si fonde con l'action Jrpg... oltre ad essere il miglior fan service mai esistito da che io respiri...
    Insomma, che c'entrano i due tra loro e quindi se o meno ti interessa più l'uno dell'altro XD?
      chissene se uno è un porting di una pietra miliare e l'altro un action con componente rpg...anche se molto diversi hanno una natura da rpg...cmq non volevo fare paragoni ho detto solo che il titolo suddetto,visionato il tutto, mi ispira poco...posso dirlo ? o qui può entrare solo chi come te comprerà sicuramente questo gioco?
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    Non stavo facendo polemica eh, chiedevo :DD

    Comunque se ti ispira poco non posso farci molto; da parte mia ho l'hype a mille e perchè sono fanboy FF e perchè mi sembra un prodotto discretamente ben realizzato (e tutti gli hands-on confermano). Il budget c'è, la capacità c'è, la longevità c'è, il multi c'è, l'originalità c'è: mi gusta!
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    Non stavo facendo polemica eh, chiedevo :DD

    Comunque se ti ispira poco non posso farci molto; da parte mia ho l'hype a mille e perchè sono fanboy FF e perchè mi sembra un prodotto discretamente ben realizzato (e tutti gli hands-on confermano). Il budget c'è, la capacità c'è, la longevità c'è, il multi c'è, l'originalità c'è: mi gusta!
      Non lo metto indubbio...e magari piu'avanti mi ricrederò...:)
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    Aggiungi come personaggio Shantotto, da Final Fantasy XI, doppiato da Megumi Hayashibara (la doppiatrice di Rina Inverse in Slayers)
    You say that I can't wait for nothing, alone
    Too far from here, where the time it's just a memory
    Too far form here, where the cold dust lacerate the streets
    Too far from here, in a desolate illusory mobility

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