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    Nepal, Finland ink agreement

    With an aim to give new boost to mutual cooperation, the government of Nepal
    and the Republic of Finland inked a bilateral agreement on Tuesday.
    It is learnt that the agreement will stimulate investment in respective
    countries. As per the agreement, investment shall not be confiscated or
    nationalised. The prime tenets of the agreement are to allow, encourage
    and promote investment as well as to ensure returns on investments in
    an equitable manner.
    Dr Väyrynen along with his team arrived in Nepal yesterday at the invitation of Finance Minister Dr Baburam Bhattarai. nepalnews.com Feb 04 09

    PM Dahal requests World Bank, Finnish minister to invest in bigger
    projects in Nepal

    Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal held separate meetings with visiting
    Finnish Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Dr Paavo Väyrynen and
    Managing Director of World Bank (WB), Dr Ngozi Okonio Iweala at his
    official residence in Baluwatar Wednesday.

    During his meeting with the Finnish minister, PM Dahal requested the
    Scandinavian country to invest in bigger projects for the economic
    development of Nepal, according to PM's press advisor Om Sharma.

    Additionally, PM Dahal and the Finnish minister discussed Nepal's peace
    process, bilateral issues and Finnish investments here, among other
    issues. The Finish minister also sought Nepal's support to his country for
    a temporary seat in the UN Security Council. PM Dahal is also learnt to
    have queried about the wind energy that Finland has pioneered.

    Dr Väyrynen arrived in Kathmandu Tuesday on a three-day visit aimed at
    taking stock of Finland's development cooperation with Nepal.

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    digital_boy84 ♫ ha scritto:
    oggi un nepalino mi ha stretto la mano in segno di amicizia :))
          A 2 mesi di distanza...Ancora Grazie, Digital !
    Il buon Prachanda è retornato oggi dal trip nordico che ha toccato Norvegia e Finlandia. Recante doni.

    Digital....T' hanno seccato in quel di Leningrado ? :DD   (Città meravigliosa quanto infida)

    Porta alto l'onore della mafia padana, contro la mafia russa :sbam:

    Se già eri finito in Russia...Ti sei perso Prachanda in motoslitta a skivare gli alci traversaroli :asd:

    Finland has promised to double its assistance to Nepal in the
    next three years. PM Dahal informed that Nepal will receive 25 percent
    more Finnish aid this year. Finland has also agreed to take charge of
    maintenance of the Biratnagar-based thermal plant in order to bring it
    into full operation.
    According to him, the Finnish government officials have also shown
    readiness to help in forestry sector.

    Dahal invited his Finnish counterpart Matte Vantage for a visit to Nepal
    at a convenient time, which he accepted.

    PM Dahal had left for Nordic trip on March 28, leading a 19-member
    delegation which included his wife Sita, son Prakash, his foreign affairs
    advisor Hira Bahadur Thapa, chief secretary Bhoj Raj Ghimire, foreign
    secretary Gyan Chandra Acharya, some business leaders and three security
    officers. Hydropower development dominated the agendas of the PM's visit.

    Meanwhile, PM Dahal, who heads the Unified CPN (Maoist), has brushed aside
    reports of alleged attempts of some political sections to install monarchy
    in the form of 'baby king'.

    "The baby king issue is just a hogwash. The current of River Ganga cannot
    be reserved :asd: [meaning no possibility of return of monarchy]." nepalnews.com mk Apr 04 09

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