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    A partire da questo indirizzo potete dare un'occhiata alla nuova galleria di screenshot distribuita dal produttore System 3 in merito a SuperCar Challenge, il gioco di guida di Eutechnyx sviluppato sulla base del gioco su licenza Ferrari pubblicato l'anno scorso. Oltre a mostrare alcune delle splendide vetture protagoniste (non solo Ferrari, ovviamente, ma anche Maserati, Lamborghini, McLaren e molte altre), le immagini evidenziano la possibilità di correre sotto la pioggia ...
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    ecco le nuove feature :
    * True HD: 1080p graphical display. prima era a 720
    * Affective Weather: realistic rain results in slippery curbs, increased braking distances, slippery grass, standing water, back spray from opponent cars, increased opponent errors and of course, it looks very pretty!
    * Over 40 different cars ranging from the Lamborghini Murcielago RGT, to the Aston Martin DB9, to the McLaren F1, to our previous favourite the Ferrari FXX.
    * Over 20 tracks, from favourites such as Silverstone and Nürburgring to less well known greats such as Mugello Italy.
    * Challenge Mode: this career mode allows you to tour the globe taking on the various racing challenges that are thrown at you. Whether that means simply taking pole, completing a race with no damage or simply staying on the track in wet conditions, you’ll be scored on every aspect of your race. This score will then translate into Race Points, which you can use to buy new cars for your showroom, test drive new cars or buy one of the many livery packs and vinyl elements intended for car decoration.
    * Other Modes: Tournament mode, Arcade mode, Quick Race and 16-player online/LAN multiplayer.
    * Vinyl Shop: Ferrari Challenge’s praised livery creation tool has been taken and improved considerably, allowing you to design and place your own logos on any car in your showroom.
    * Expert Tutorials: Top Gear and 5th Gear’s Tiff Needell will be recording full voiceovers for the game, including tutorials for 16 of the toughest racks in the game.
    * Dynamic AI: rival drivers will get better or worse depending on how you race so you’ll always have a decent challenge going on around you. Of course, should you wish to have consistent AI you can switch this mode off. Drivers will also have their own battles with or without your influence and will make mistakes even if they’re half a lap ahead or behind you.
    * Graphical Overhaul: in terms of textures, poly counts, scenery, backdrops, particle effects and (perhaps most importantly) framerate, everything has been improved.
    * Improved sound: every engine rev, screech and impact has been tirelessly recorded and re-recorded on the field.

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