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    Interessante articolo al caro Cevat Yerli...


    Domande più interessanti:

    Q: This is the first time you've shown CryEngine 3 off publicly, what's been the early reaction to it so far?

    Cevat Yerli: We've had really high-profile meetings with executives and reactions have ranged from "we've never seen this before" to "are you sure this is running on PlayStation 3?" I promise you, on the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 it looks absolutely the same, there's no difference. When we show it, we show it side by side and there's no difference. In fact the PS3 version is running a tick faster but that's only coincidence and they'll be equal.

    Q: You've said before the you're expecting the next iteration of console hardware to be out in 2011, 2012. Do you still believe that?

    Cevat Yerli: Yes. I'm not sure that it's the case for all platforms, but my gut feeling is there will be a new platform by the end of 2011. Whether another arrives in 2012 or 2013 is hard to say. And which is first, I don't want to comment [laughs].

    So you don't subscribe to the theory that this generation of console will be around for 10 years, or even much longer past five years...

    Cevat Yerli: I think one of them will be longer on the market than the other.

    You mean the PlayStation 3 ?

    Cevat Yerli: That might be the case. Unless it's the other way around [laughs]. Whatever happens, we don't want developers to be the victims of change and repositioning... (ho tagliato...)

    Ce ne sarebbero anche altre.. me se le copio tutte non mi bastano 2 pagine...
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    Tony_Montana ha scritto:
    in sostanza che dice?X(
    Che il loro motore grafico, dovrebbe essere un "ponte" per aiutare i programmatori a passare da questa generazione a quella futura.

    Che probabilmente almeno una console next-next-gen verrà presentata entro la fine del 2011 (Xbox720 ? :D ) e che almeno una potrebbe arrivare più tardi. (PS4 ? :D )

    P.S. La prima parte riguarda l'articolo in generale, la seconda quella che ho postato direttamente su next.

  Crytek parla di CryEngine 3 e della prossima next-gen....


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