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    Fralex, Qui in Nepal a mezzanotte comincia il 2066. Da Te in Thai che anno nuovo avreste dovuto festeggiare stanotte ?

    Ohi...Dove hai fatto nascondere Valerio ? :asd:
    Troops regain control of seized roads

    By: Veera PrateepchaikulPublished: 13/04/2009 at 05:45 PM

    An uneasy calm returned to Bangkok after
    red-shirt protesters were forcibly dispersed by troops on Monday and
    retreated to their base in front of Government House, where they said
    would make a final stand.

    The army regained control of all the main road intersections seized
    by supporters of the United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship
    (UDD) in their attempt to cause traffic chaos and bring down the

    Police and military sources said soldiers had dispersed the
    protesters from Victory Monument, Ratchathewi road, Din Daeng
    intersection and a long stretch of Vibhavadi Rangsit highway from Din
    Daeng to Lat Phrao intersection. 

    The debris left by the protesters, which included burned car tyres
    and torched public buses, would have to be cleared before all roads in
    these areas were reopened to normal traffic.

    At least 30 public buses belonging to the Bangkok Mass Transit
    Authority (BMTA) were hijacked by the protesters and used to block
    traffic and slow the advance of the troops. 

    About 10 were torched as the military moved to break up the protests.

    Bus services in the inner city were suspended most of the day as the
    BMTA feared more would be taken over by UDD  followers. Train services
    out of Hua Lampong station, the city's major termnal, were also
    suspended, with provincial servcies leaving from Bang Sue for the North
    and Northeast and Makkasan for the South. About 20,000 commuters were
    reported to have been affected.

    The dispersed protesters mostly obeyed instructions to regroup at
    Government House, where several thousand protesters have been camping
    since March 26, when the followers of  former prime minister Thaksin
    Shinawatra began their latest push to topple the government.

    With the recapture of the city's  major intersections, a nervous
    peace settled over the capital as  night settled in.  A minor clash was
    reported at the army headquarters on Ratchadamnoen road when hardcore
    protesters lobbed several petrol bombs into the grounds.

    Army spokesman Col Sansern Kaewkamnoed denied claims spread by the
    red-shirts that a handful of protesters were shot dead by soldiers
    during the pre-dawn clashes at Din Daeng. 

    He said troops fired only blanks on that occasion, with wads of
    paper replacing the bullets. They were not lethal but might cause very
    minor injury up close.

    The government announced about 70 people were injured in the early
    morning clashes, including 23 soldiers. Most of those treated were
    suffering the effects of teargas. The prime minister said four soldiers
    had bullet wounds.

    The government, health officials and the military insisted there were no fatalities among the protesters.

    Informed sources said troops might try to break up the main protest
    at Government House before dawn on Tuesday to ensure peace and order
    was restored in the city before business resumes  after the long
    Sonkran holiday ends on Wednesday night.

    Protesters who are not totally committed supporters of the UDD were
    advised the government to leave the protest site and return to their

    Public warned of nighttime dangers

    By: BangkokPost.comPublished: 13/04/2009 at 09:26 PM

    People in Bangkok should be careful of
    potential dangers caused by the anti-government protesters during the
    night, Deputy Prime Minister Suthep Thaugsuban said in a televised
    address on Monday night.

    Mr Suthep, who is responsible for enforcing the Emergency Decree in
    Bangkok and five nearby provinces, praised authorities for being
    patient and seizing most areas once occupied by the United Front for
    Democracy against Dictatorship (UDD) protesters, such as roads around
    the Victory Monument and Din Daeng intersection.

    They had been successful in dispersing the protesters without resulting in fatalities.

    he asked the general public to be on alert during nighttime, as the
    red-shirt group may incite violence, such as committing arson or
    hurling explosives, in different areas of the capital.

    He also asked the public to promptly notify authorities if they witness unusual activities.

    "People should not panic but they should not be inattentive as well," said the deputy prime minister.
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    superpadrepio ha scritto:
    Fralex, Qui in Nepal a mezzanotte comincia il 2066. Da Te in Thai che anno nuovo avreste dovuto festeggiare stanotte ?
    Ohi...Dove hai fatto nascondere Valerio ? :asd:
              Auguri anche a te ;Pqui siamo nel 2552:nworthy:
    Valerio e' ancora a Krabi:asd:mi ha scritto ieri che fra un paio di giorni ritorna:X
    Breakingnews » Breakingnews
    220 dead from Songkran travel
    By: bangkokpost.comPublished: 14/04/2009 at 01:29 PM
    There have been 220 deaths and 2,658 injuries
    from road accidents after four days into the “seven dangerous days”
    period of Songkran holidays travel, according to official figures.
    The casualties were derived from a total of 2,468 accidents, a
    number lower than last year’s accidents count during the same period by
    481. However there were only 9 less deaths than last year.
    Paijit Warachit, the deputy permanent secretary to the Ministry of
    Public Health, said 81 people died from accidents on Monday alone. The
    top cause of accidents remained drunken driving.
    Chiang Rai province had the highest number of accidents so far, at 102.
    questa e' la vera guerriglia:-> il resto si sta normalizzando:X

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