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    The Saboteur is designed as a quiet in/loud out kind of game. You sneak
    into an areas, do your job (usually blowing something up) and then make
    for a very loud escape. The wanted system seems fairly simple, though,
    as you just need to get out of the highlighted area in order to drop
    the escalation level.
    It's been almost two years since The
    Saboteur teaser trailer was released. And though I thought the game
    looked stylish back then, I wasn't sure what to expect. Having seen The
    Saboteur in action, I am really impressed. Though not expected until
    the end of the year (at the earliest), The Saboteur already looks and
    runs better than any previous Pandemic game. At least on Xbox 360 and
    PC. PS3 development has been outsourced. And though the content is the
    same for each, it's unknown if the PS3 port will hold the same visual

    Sembra stupendo, speriamo che Pandemic sia tornata ai livelli della scorsa generazione...Mercenaries 2 mi ha propio deluso!!

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  Saboteur Xbox360/pc/ps3


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