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    VAGRANT HERO - Chapter 4 by GEK83/GEK83[/size]
    The fourth in the Vagrant Hero series, subtitled Mojo's Swamp. Traverse the green thorny overgrowth to collect an item from Mojo. 

     Gek83 is quietly producing some really great levels in this series. The first three have already made their spotlight appearance and number 4 now joins their ranks. Very different in terms of location but with all the great organic sculpted shapes and strange and beautiful creature design of it's predecessors, this level ramps up the difficulty a bit. Precision jumps and swings are the norm as you make your way past awesome dragon flies and an absolutely spectacular dinosaur you have to see to believe. Lush and fun in equal parts - check it out. Morgana25

    We've spotlighted the last three Vagrant Stories, and for good cause. I loved the fantasy storyline, the excellent atmosphere and landscapes and the wonderful weapon mechanics that were used in the last three installments, and this one is no exception. Although more difficult, and with a change of scenery, like Morgana said, it has one of the finest dinosaurs you've seen, and some great little challenges throughout. And I don't think that satisfying sword combat will ever get old! GrantosUK

    Gek83's levels get promoted more by the community than by the creator himself, and for good reasons. Now in the 4th installment of this wonderful series, he provides a welcome change in scenery and takes us to a lush yet dangerous swamp while still retaining his trademark characters and visual style. Nail biting platformsegments provide greater challenge than seen in the previous installments yet it never reaches the point where it becomes a drag to play through. The dinosaur platform, inserted for no other reason than to impress, is a real highlight of the level. Highly recommended for all.  Zwollie

    Tucked away in a little corner of the level showcase is the fourth instalment in the Vagrant Hero series. Take to the swamp to banish evil and generally find some secrets! The classic fantasy storyline returns but the main focus is the brilliant weapon mechanic – it has to be seen to be admired. Coxy224

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