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    Play Garena Dark
    Orbit to Win $10,000 Cash Prize!

    Garena Dark Orbit to Win $10,000 Cash Prize!




    to win $10,000 Cash Prize


    In Garena Dark
    Orbit, once a month there is a grand Jackpot Battle which every user can join.

    It is a battle
    tothe death with the last man standing as the winner.

    The last man
    standing can win real cash up to $10,000 Cash Prize


    information: http://darkorbit.garena.com/forum/viewthread.php?tid=51


    Last Month's
    Jackpot Battle Winner:


    ˆ7731.25 Cash
    Prize!!! You will be the Next One!!


    you can be the winner of the Battle


    Jackpot Battle is
    available for all users, even you just join the game.

    You need skill,
    items, teamwork, and some luck to win the Battle.

    You can win the
    game with your skill in other games, and the teamwork with your teams.

    Everyone has the
    chance to win and get the cash prize!


    Jackpot battle
    will be started soon, just start to play ASAP to get your advantage!

    to start to play


    You only need 2
    steps to start.


    Step I: Enter
    http://darkorbit.garena.com/ and sign up here.


    Step II: Choose
    your favorite in-game name and "Start Game" now!


        Tips for you to have a good


        60-Seconds Tutorial Guide to Get Started:


        Garena Dark Orbit Website:


        Garena Dark Orbit Community:

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