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    vendo i seguenti oggetti, come nuovi, compresi di imballi originali, manualistica ed accessori. Garanzia 2 anni. Spedizione in tutta Italia o consegna a mano in zona Monza/Sesto/Agrate o dintorni. Massima serietà, astenersi perditempo.

    Playseat RaceRoom (link)
    Xbox 360 Wireless Racing Wheel (link)
    Xbox Wheel 360 Adaptor (link)
    in blocco a 450 euro.


    Playseat RaceRoom
    * The chassis is perfectly stable, dont worry about brake or steer hard.
    * Replica Racing Bucket Seat with fully adjustable driving position, you will feel like inside a real racing car. Playseats suit child and adult drivers of all shapes and sizes – changing position takes seconds, using two easy-twist knobs and the telescopic steering column.
    * Compatible with all common electronic steering wheel and pedal sets on the market.
    * Logitech G25 Best Companion, the union between Logitech G25 and Playseats makes the best driving simulator, we provide special screws to join pedals and steering wheels to Playseats in the most stable way. upgradable with gearshift holder for Logitech G25.
    * Easy To Assemble and quickly to disassemble.
    * Foldable Seat
    * Compatible with the Playstation2, Playstation3, X-box , X-Box360, WII Gaming Consoles and PC’s
    * Recommended drivers length: minimum 120cm/47inch - max 220cm/87inch - see playseats dimensions
    * Recommended drivers wheight: minimum 20kg/ 46lbs - maximum 112 kg/247 lbs
    * Ages 8+

    Xbox 360 Wireless Racing Wheel
    Racing has never felt so real. Built from the groud up by leading industry professionals with input by the creative minds who brought you the Forza Motorsport and Project Gotham Racing franchises, the Xbox 360 Wireless Racing Wheel is a masterpiece of form and function.
    Featuring pioneering technology in Rumble and Force Feedback motors, the wheel simulates an unparalleled spectrum of driving sensations from drifting to powersliding.
    High Quality Force Feedback performance: Primary Force Feedback motor (a first for Xbox or Xbox 360)
    2.4GHz wireless control
    Always wireless to the console
    Rumble Feedback
    Uses existing Xbox 360 Rechargeable Battery Packs for up to 25 hours of wireless gameplay
    Formula 1 style hand paddles for manual shifting
    Includes a table mount with Quick Release
    Slip-resistant rubber bottom for secure lap use
    Gas and break pedal including heavy, realistic resistance
    270 degree steering rotation
    AC power need for Force Feedback support (not required)

    Xbox Wheel 360 Adaptor
    Designed for those who play with the Xbox 360. Although the wheel can be installed to the Evolution, without proper setup precautions with the Velcro, it can become unstable. By using the Xbox 360 wheel adaptor the wheel can be securely fastened to the wheel plate.
    So you already have the Playseat, have your racing game, but your Microsoft XBOX 360 wheel just doesn't feel right on it. Well, we have come up with a solution to this problem. This new X360 wheel plate harness will complete your racing apparatus, secure your steering wheel and turn your Xbox360 wheel into the ultimate racing chair machine.
    Product Characteristics:
    Infinitely silver coated steel plates.
    Compatible with all patented foldable Playseats.
    Developed in order to fit the Xbox360 Wireless Wheel

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