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    After cyber spy Superannuation shed light on a U.S. copyright document, filed by Grasshopper Manufacture in August 2008, internet speculation concluded that the idiosyncratic developer's next game would be called "Closer." However, Grasshopper's international representative has told Joystiq that the name is no longer being used for any projects currently in development.

    "As for 'Closer,' we currently don't have any projects under that name in development. Closer was one of the names considered for a project, but that name has since been abandoned." Grasshopper's most mysterious project -- announced in August 2008 -- is an action horror game empowered by the mind-boggling collaboration of Suda 51, Shinji Mikami, Akira Yamaoka and EA Partners. And Unreal Engine 3.

    Sadly, the quelling of this rumor also brings the demise of hopes that "Closer" was to be the name of Suda 51's edgy re-imagining of Kyra Sedgwick's television drama, "The Closer." It would have all of the show's intense confrontation, but Kyra's face would be an 8-bit parody of commercialism and she'd save the game by clipping her nails over an empty wastebasket. Oh well.

  "Closer" sarà il nuovo gioco di Goichi Suda ?


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