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    Guerilla Games’ managing director Hermen Hulst has told VG247 that the studio is “going way overboard” for Killzone 3, using “100 percent” of PS3’s processing capabilities.
    Speaking with Patrick Garratt at the game’s formal reveal in Amsterdam earlier this month, Hulst said the game was “pushing” 100 percent in terms of SPU load. Killzone 2 used around 60 percent, as famously claimed by ex-IGN writer Jeff Haynes in a podcast before the release of the prequel last February.
    But I think we’re pushing 100 percent right now,” said Hulst. “You see there’s steam coming out of the machine, almost.
    “All the stuff that we’re squeezing. It’s got everything to do with the scale and the environments and the action that you’re seeing on the screen right now. As I was talking about earlier in the presentation, we’re having a footprint of a level that’s ten times bigger than the average Killzone 2 level. Killzone 2 was not a small game, but that was as far as we could push it back then.”
    He added: “We’re going way overboard this time around, and I think we’re reaching the kind of maximum that we can do. But we always do that. We always find a way to go above and beyond.”
    La storia del fumo mi preoccupa :asd:

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