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    Molto interessante... L'originale Live Arcade mi è piaciuto parecchio, e l'idea di un double-dip con la versione PSN (considerato che si parla di un buon 70% di materiale inedito) mi solletica.

    Eurogamer riporta che - interpellati a riguardo - i tizi di DED hanno dichiarato che, seppure la decisione finale spetti a Microsoft, è loro intenzione portare questa re-release di Hydrophobia anche su XBOX Live.

    Infine, ecco la chilometrica lista di miglioramenti apportati in questa nuova edizione:


    * Enhanced environmental lighting throughout the game
    * High resolution textures
    * Updated video texture work
    * Hugely improved particle systems throughout the game
    * Depth of field effects implemented
    * MLAA anti-aliasing
    * Improved lighting and shadowing solutions

    HydroEngine Enhancements

    * Enhanced character DripMapping technology
    * Improved reflection and refraction mapping
    * Enhancement underwater visual effects
    * Underwater depth of field effect
    * Enhanced particle system and improved performance
    * New high resolution RippleMap simulation responds to characters and objects
    * Jump distance more accurate relative to movement speed
    * Added stationary jump
    * Speed of movement through vents increased and animations improved
    * Speed of movement with MAVI increased
    * Various animations refined to provide better feedback

    Narrative and Backstory

    * Scoot character remodelled
    * Scoot character recast, now played by Oliver Vaquer (GTA: Liberty City Stories)
    * Characterisation improved with remastered voice acting and additional scenes
    * Mila characters role has been enhanced with compelling new scenes
    * Storyline enhanced and completed
    * Dramatic new plot points shed light on the back story and the Prophecy of Malthus
    * New in game video communications enhance the narrative without disrupting gameplay
    * Compelling new cutscenes and dramatic twists
    * New mechanics designed around the deeper narrative
    * Hydro Kinetic powers brought into the main story
    * Dramatic new ending completes the story arc

    Wading and Swimming

    * Reworked Kate's bracing animation and responsiveness
    * Eliminated undesirable situations where the character was swept out of player control
    * Increased speed of recovery after being wiped out by water
    * Removed invasive reactionary animations after being wiped out by water

    Art Direction

    * Improved environmental lighting
    * Re-designed locations add variety and drama
    * Spectacular new environments introduced
    * Reworked environmental assets


    * New and improved music tracks
    * Re-mastered audio and improved sound design
    * New SFX added to various feedback systems


    * Improved lock-on effect for electric cable puzzles
    * Added mini-puzzles to existing areas
    * Exclusive new environments introduce new physics based puzzles
    * Ability to manipulate floating objects to solve bouyancy based puzzles
    * New narrative based challenges

    Combat and Cover Systems

    * Individual bone based enemy lock on feature (depending on difficult setting)
    * Improved aim assist functionality
    * Dynamic aim reticule adapts to different ammo types and combat behaviour
    * Destructable object system reworked for greater feedback and effectiveness
    * Greater variety of ammo earlier in the game
    * AI enhancements and performance improvements
    * Instant ammo collection features eliminates unneccessary button presses
    * Rebalanced Sonic Rounds for more effective combat
    * Reload times reduced for better combat flow

    Cover System Enhancements

    * Blind fire functionality added
    * Turn corners while in cover and engage in flanking maneuvours
    * Cover animation improvements
    * More responsive and smooth cover transitions
    * All new Floating Cover system
    * Grab bouyant object to use as dynamic cover in water
    * Use floating cover on the surface or during underwater combat
    * New Climbing Combat system
    * Ability to shoot and engage in combat while climbing or hanging

    Levels and Game Balance

    * Enhanced and redesigned levels
    * Exclusive new levels to explore throughout the game
    * All new mechanics, puzzles and combat added
    * Dramatic new end sequence using Hydro Kinetic abilities
    * Decrypting doors sequence shortened
    * Tutorial added for hack mini game
    * Improved feedback, waypoint design and tutorials
    * Better checkpoint design
    * Improved difficulty setting design
    * Rationalised waypoint system choice


    * Contextual Dev Feedback System
    * Your feedback is uploaded to Dark Energy augmented with contextual information about the gamestate
    * Dark Energy will continue to act upon gathered data from the playing community

    GUI and Front End

    * Menus reworked
    * Front end menus re-designed
    * In game menus re-designed


    * Pre-purchase the Steam version for just $10.19 / £7.64 (including 15% pre-purchase discount)
    * New locations, mechanics and narrative elements extend the lifespan of the main game massively

    E' un fottio di roba...

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