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    Let's see how many signs of fakery we can find!

    Overly compressed - a plain page with mostly solid colors and text won't need to be compressed enough to be noticeable for any reason I can think of.
    Corners are curved - what technical writer would go to the effort of using an art tool to curve the corners of a data sheet for developers?
    "for internal use only" - all lower case, and why would Nintendo print for internal use in a doc they are giving to external developers in Germany? And why is this even in English? A German developer would either get the original Japanese or a German doc (at this point, I doubt docs would be translated into anything but Japanese anyways)
    "Project Cafe" in quotes - Nintendo doesn't put quotes around early names
    "Final Specifications" - there is no such thing with Nintendo until a system launches. Things change in small ways up until start of production (and even after that the firmware can still change)
    "Devkit 1.3" - Nintendo uses names for their dev kits, they don't get version numbers. And the "final" version of a dev kit (the 1.0 version) wouldn't be out for quite a number of months after official announcement to the public. The SDK gets version numbers, but that would be "SDK". And if I remember right they don't hit 1.0 until Nintendo thinks everything is complete, which would be shortly before or after system launch.
    Information too generic about some things, yet too detailed about others - this isn't a good data sheet for a developer. A developer doesn't need to know things like what model of GPU the system uses, and Nintendo wouldn't list it on a data sheet like this. Nor would speed ratings be of any use whatsoever. Games aren't programmed or designed around theoretical speed ratings. And Nintendo doesn't give information to developers if they don't need it. And the video RAM numbers given are useless, way too vague, it doesn't explain how the video RAM is divided up.
    "Custom Blu-Ray Disc"? Nintendo would say something like "50GB optical disc storage", they wouldn' use a brand name, just like they never said the Game Cube used "custom DVD's". Nor would they give any compatibility information, developers don't need to know any of that.

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