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    "I am very excited to be introducing ][ Game's first PlayStation Network game: Dyad.

    Dyad is an abstract racing game that has influences in many genres
    including racing games, fighting games, puzzle games and classic arcade

    Dyad does away with the traditional racing game mechanics of break
    and accelerate and replaces them with puzzle-like mechanics. You must
    interact with your enemies in unique and varying ways in order to gain

    I’ve always loved the visceral feel racing games provided, especially the WipeOut
    series, and I wanted to translate that feeling into a puzzle game. In
    most racing games, each track has an ideal ‘racing line’ which players
    must memorize and translate into muscle memory in order to be successful
    – I remember months of repeating tracks in WipeOut XL for the PSX!
    With Dyad I replaced the mental process of memorizing a racing line with
    various combo mechanics. Dyad begins with very basic comboing rules
    centred around the polarity of enemies, and continuously adds new
    mechanics throughout the course of the game. You race quickly in Dyad
    by making smart decisions, not by memorizing static tracks.

    While discussing the contrasting differences in the mechanics in Dyad
    versus traditional racing games, we found a very strong correlation
    between the mental process of playing and learning Dyad to meditation.
    Dyad subtly plays off the meditation theme in order to aid you, and
    maybe get you thinking about new and different things you wouldn’t
    expect from a game. Without giving away too much, you’re also on a
    quest in Dyad… similar to the quest a particle might take in the Large
    Hadron Collider.

    I really wanted Dyad to be something anyone could enjoy; by “anyone” I
    mean literally “anyone,” not “anyone” in the context of casual games.
    Dyad is a very deep hardcore racing/puzzle game, but it’s designed to be
    enjoyed at many levels. The audio and visuals were designed to be
    appealing both actively and passively. I’ve shown Dyad at several
    public gaming and non-gaming events and people will stand around
    watching and listening without any idea what they’re seeing. New
    players and casual players get a lot out of the unique, intuitive
    mechanics, and hardcore players can really dive in to maximize their

    We’ve been hard at work on Dyad for the past 3 years and I’m very happy
    with it, and it will only get better as it gets closer to completion.
    Dyad runs at 60fps at 1080p on the PlayStation 3. Thanks for checking it out! I’ll post again on the PlayStation blog when we’re ready to release."


    fonte: http://blog.us.playstation.com/2011/06/20/introducing-dyad-for-psn/

    Beh, sembra interessante, no?

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