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    Andrea_23A meno che Carmack fosse fumato confermo: gliel'ho sentito pronunciare nella video intervista (credo fece una news Babalot) : |.
    Evidentemente Willits nemmeno ne è al corrente x°°°D.
    Carmack ha detto che è suo desiderio rilasciare un livello con asset più uber per dire. Ma solo un livello, non tutto il gioco.
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    Bruce Campbell87Carmack ha detto che è suo desiderio rilasciare un livello con asset più uber per dire. Ma solo un livello, non tutto il gioco.

    Questa mi è nuova. Potrebbe essere che oltre al pacco texture rilascino anche un benchmark, ma io ricordo perfettamente che parlò di una patch creata ad hoc.

    Io aspetto direttamente quella : *.
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    Ryan Shrout: I think you mentioned in your key note yesterday that Rage was not going to have support for Eyefinity? What is your long term view on those technologies (multi-displays, 3D technologies, how they can differential from consoles)? Is that something that you think is going to, or should, catch on?

    John Carmack: Historically id is known for having a lot of patches for weird, quirky things, and I hope we can follow that up with this [after getting] the game out of the door, and the great thing is we still have another month on the PC as the console certification process takes longer than the PC, so the PC is at parity with the consoles now. You crank up the AA and all this, but we hope that we can do some extra things for the PC. Not much is going to go in initially, but I have research engines that I hope that we can release, at least as novelty patches which is what I used to do in the Geo-Quake, Quake World days. It’s not clear exactly what we are going to have with that, but I’ve promised myself that after Rage is done I get to buy a bunch of toys on the PC. I’ve got my Kinect SDK, ordered a new head mounted display, and probably will set up the multi-monitor stuff and run through all of that. A lot of that is legitimate research where i need to gauge “how important are these things that we can do, and what benefits you get by adding these additional layers?” I’ve been saying this for years, but my money is still eventually on direct ocular scanning. I think mobile devices will probably be the thing that drives it home, where we are carrying supercomputers around in our pockets that are crippled by lack of IO devices on there. I think that once we get the thing that clips on your glasses, and laser scans into your eye that gives you very high resolution.

    I really strongly believe at this point that the big impact changes where people are going to say “wow, this game is so much different than what we’ve had before,” is going to be from IO devices. It is going to be... we’ve got rendering ability to do this for sure... we can do incredible virtual reality world rendering, but if you are just looking at it on a TV set there is a limit to what the extra quality will do. But if we can get down to below the perceptible response level of looking around and experiencing the world, even if we took the worlds that we just had today and were able to get that extra level of immersion... I think that’s going to make the games really go to the next level. It’s not really clear what that is... is it a consumer head mounted display, is it a free-form display, looking around at things? I think [the reason why] we haven’t gotten enough vibe from 3D displays and head tracking 3D displays is that you are still looking at a window into the world. The next big step has to be from something that attaches and moves with you.
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