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    Viewtiful Joe™Io in lista amici ho sempre diverse persone che ci giocano. Il gioco è uscito da un pezzo, quello che c'era da dire è stato detto.
    appunto, e poi parliamo di uno speciale dedicato alla patch 2.0, chemminchia c'entra la recensione XD?
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    ecco il changelog della prossima patch, in uscita la settimana prossima:
    - Users can now change wheels on Standard cars
    - The settings sheets will include a new ‘copy’ feature
    - In GT Auto, players will be able to see how the oil changes, aerodynamic parts, engine overhauls, and racing modifications will affect performance points and engine power, before and after their application
    - Free coupons have been added that allow you to wash cars, change oil, overhaul your engine, or refresh the car body in GT Auto (10 coupons will be distributed for free to each of those who have downloaded the 2.02 update)
    - Pressing the Square button in the car coupon selection screen of the Car Delivery will now allow you to exchange all car coupons at once, rather than doing one at a time
    - In screens where the [Garage] and [Driver List] buttons are displayed in the A/B Spec events, Special Events, and Seasonal Events, pressing the Square button will now show the [Garage], and pressing the Triangle button will bring up the drivers list
    - In My Lounge, the room settings will feature a new ‘Max. number of participants’ setting
    - In the event selection screen of seasonal events, there are now ☆(star) marks that show the number of Gold Trophies attained in each event
    - Improved racing sound effects
    - Elements of the steering assist controls (used when using certain controllers on Racing Karts) have been tweaked

    Everyone who downloads 2.02 will also get a special Christmas gift of a Toyota FT-86 2012. In addition to this update, there will also be Family Upgrade packs for the previous Racing Car Pack, Course Pack or the bundled pack that contained both bits of DLC.

    This Family Upgrade allows you to use the content from more than one user account on the same PS3. They’re also removing that restriction from those DLC packs, starting next week.
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