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    Ciao e benvenuto ^^
    ID psn:tommybreak

    My Game:
    1) Uncharted 2: Il covo dei ladri;
    2) Assassin's Cread;
    3) GTA 4;
    4) Bournaunt Paradise;
    5) Prince of Persia;
    6) Fifa 09;
    7) Modern Warfare 2;
    8) Assassin's Cread 2;
    9) Rachet and Clank: A spasso nel tempo;
    10) Fallout 3;
    11) Saints Row's 2;
    12) Army of two;
    13) Rainbow six vegas 2;
    14) InFamous;
    15) God of War 3;
    16) Far Cry 2.

    Quale personaggio di One Piece sei? Vieni a scoprirlo!
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    Benvenuto nella community ^^
    The moment man devoured the fruit of knowledge, he sealed his fate... Entrusting his future to the cards, man clings to a dim hope. Yet, the Arcana is the means by which all is revealed. Beyond the beaten path lies the absolute end. It matters not who you are... Death awaits you.

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