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    (1) of the LED junction temperature measurement method,beer signs, about 1) by measuring the temperature and the pin power dissipation and thermal resistance coefficient of the chip junction temperature obtained. But because the power dissipation and thermal resistance coefficient is not accurate, so the measurement accuracy is relatively low.
    2) infrared thermal imaging, infrared non-contact thermometer LED chip temperature direct measurement, but requires the device under test is not the state package, while the refractive index of the LED packaging materials have special requirements, or can not be accurately measured, measurement accuracy compared low.
    3) The shift of emission spectrum measured junction temperature,digitizing embroidery designs, is also a non-contact measurement method,Neon Led Writing Board, directly from the emission spectrum to determine the band gap of mobile technologies to measure junction temperature,logo embroidery, this method of spectral resolution is demanding test equipment, light-emitting Feng bits of precision measurement is difficult, and 1 nm spectral shift of the error changes to correspond to about 30 degrees measured junction temperature changes,AD board, so the relatively low accuracy and repeatability.
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