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    [FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes[/FONT]

    [FONT="Comic Sans MS"]55 Trofei:47 Bronzo,6 Argento,2 Oro,1 Platino,(46 Segreti)[/FONT]

    [FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Bronzo[/FONT]

    Eastern Savior
    Complete Heroes' Story with Ieyasu Tokugawa.
    Seeker of Vengeance
    Complete Heroes' Story with Mitsunari Ishida.
    Bird of Paradise
    Complete Heroes' Story with Magoichi Saica.
    Inadequate Tactician
    Complete Heroes' Story with Kanbe Kuroda.
    Chief of Oshu
    Complete Heroes' Story with Masamune Date.
    Spear of Divine Rule
    Complete Heroes' Story with Yukimura Sanada.
    Demon King
    Complete Heroes' Story with Nobunaga Oda.
    Humble Samurai
    Complete Heroes' Story on Easy difficulty.

    A seguire ci sono i trofei segreti di Bronzo

    Sky Watcher
    Complete Heroes' Story with Yoshitsugu Otani.
    Innocent Dreamer
    Complete Heroes' Story with Tsuruhime.
    Complete Heroes' Story with Keiji Maeda.
    King of the Seas
    Complete Heroes' Story with Motochika Chosokabe.
    Tactful Leader
    Complete Heroes' Story with Motonari Mori.
    Complete Heroes' Story with Yoshihiro Shimazu.
    Mighty Samurai
    Complete Heroes' Story with Tadakatsu Honda.
    Wind Rider
    Complete Heroes' Story with Kotaro Fuma.
    Night Whisperer
    Complete Heroes' Story with Oichi.
    Proud Daimyo
    Complete Heroes' Story on Normal difficulty.
    Fearless Shogun
    Complete Heroes' Story on Hard difficulty.
    Complete Victor
    Complete Heroes' Story with all of the heroes.
    Smooth Operator
    Complete Heroes' Story while taking no damage in at least one battle.
    Army Annihilator
    Complete Heroes' Story while defeating over 5,000 enemies.
    Frenzied Fighter
    Complete Heroes' Story while performing a combo of 500 hits or higher.
    One Trick Samurai
    Complete Heroes' Story while using only Normal Art combos in at least one battle.
    BASARA Freak
    Complete Heroes' Story while finishing every battle with BASARA/Ultimate BASARA Arts.
    Singing Samurai
    Have either 'Lute' or 'Koto' equipped for a whole battle.
    BASARA Fan
    Finish a battle with a BASARA/Ultimate BASARA Art.
    Comeback Kid
    Finish a battle with an Ultimate BASARA Art while your health is low (5,000 health points or less).
    Hawk Eye
    Finish a battle with a parry.
    Frenzy n00b
    Perform a 500 hit combo for the first time.
    Combo Master
    Perform a 2,000 hit combo for the first time.
    Hit Count Hero
    Perform a 10,000 hit combo for the first time.
    Beloved General
    Have 'Support Beam' equipped for a whole battle.
    Sideline General
    Have 'Hairs of Encouragement' equipped for a whole battle.
    Slots Samurai
    Have 'Big Bucks Wallet' equipped for a Whole Battle
    Peaceful Soul
    Have 'Sunglasses' equipped for a whole battle.
    Finish a battle on horseback.
    Gourmet Shogun
    Finish a battle after eating 25 rice balls.
    Steel Liver Samurai
    Finish a battle after drinking 15 drinks.
    Treasure Hunter
    Acquire a Combination of 24 or more Hatena Boxes and Weapons from One Battle
    Considerate Commander
    Finish a battle without breaking a single basket.
    Lover of the Fight
    Complete all 38 battles.
    100 Hour Hero
    Play for 100 hours.
    War Vet
    Complete 100 battles.
    Pack Rat
    Acquire every material.

    [FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Argento (Segreti)[/FONT]

    Man of Morals
    Complete Heroes' Story while defeating less than 100 Enemies
    Better Than the Best
    Complete Heroes' Story on Hard while not equipping Accessories on your Default Weapon(1st Weapon)
    Reach a balance of 1,000,000 Zennys.
    Weapon Retailer
    Acquire Every Weapon in the Game
    Bounty Hunter
    KO Every Fugitive with a Single Hero
    Acquire Every Accessory.

    [FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Oro (Segreti)[/FONT]

    Good Parent
    Level Up every Hero to their Maximum Level
    Good Friend
    Recruit Every Ally.

    [FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Platino[/FONT]

    Samurai Hero
    Acquire all Trophies in the game

    Mi dispiace,ma purtroppo li ho trovati solo in inglese :001_unsure:

    Non conta ciò che siamo… È ciò che facciamo che ci qualifica…

    La gente ha bisogno che la propria fiducia venga ricompensata!


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    .-. Cosa sei, un'enciclopedia?

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