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    Football Legend
    Unlock all other trophies (excluding additional content trophies).

    Pack King
    Open 100 packs in FIFA 12 Ultimate Team.

    EASFC Starting 11
    Reach level 20 in the EA SPORTS Football club.

    Century of goals
    Score 100 goals in FIFA 12 match play.

    Campaign Complete
    Complete a season in head to head seasons.

    Marquee Signing
    Purchase a gold player from the trade market for 15,000 or more coins using buy it now.

    “Big Cup” Squad
    Enter an Ultimate Team tournament and finish a match with an overall squad rating of 85 or higher.

    We’ll Need a Larger Trophy Case
    Win your 10th trophy in FIFA 12 Ultimate Team.

    Trophy time
    Win the league title in any league in Career Mode.

    Fully Formed
    Have three players be in full form at the same time on your club in Career Mode.

    Virtual Legend
    Play 50 matches with your Virtual Pro.

    FIFA for Life
    Spend 50 hours on the pitch.

    Successfully dribble the ball through a defenders legs.

    Riding Bikes
    Score with a bicycle kick.

    Win a game vs the CPU on legendary difficulty against a club of the same or higher star rating.

    Precision Tackler
    Obtain a successfull tackle percentage of 80% with a minimum of 5 tackles in a game.

    Don’t Blink
    Score within the first five minutes of a game in a game against the cpu.

    Comeback Kid
    Win after being 3 goals down in the 2nd half against the cpu.

    10 vs 11
    Win from a draw or behind while down a man against the CPU.

    Ruud Boy
    Score a goal on the volley.

    Block Party
    Manually block five shots whilst defending in a single game.

    Massive Signing
    Sign a player better than anyone else on your club in the transfer window.

    Youth is Served
    Sign a player to your youth squad in career mode.

    Puppet Master
    Talk to the press in Career Mode.

    Sweet Music
    Have custom audio play in FIFA 12.

    All my own work
    Win a match using manual controls (including tactical defending).

    Score a goal after suffering a non-contact injury with a player.

    Quickly Now!
    Score shortly after a quick throw-in.

    EASFC Youth Academy
    Reach level 5 in the EA Sports Football club.

    Challenge Accepted
    Complete an EA Sports Football Club Game Scenario Challenge.

    Path to the Cup
    Win a cup game in head to head seasons.

    Friends Now Enemies?
    Win an Online friendlies season.

    Being Social
    Play an Online friendlies match.

    Look Sharp
    Use a Creation Centre team in an online game.

    3 points
    Win a season game in head to head seasons.

    Virtual Debut
    Play an online Pro Club or pro ranked match with your Virtual Pro.

    New Club in Town
    Create your FIFA 12 Ultimate Team club.

    Legends Start with Victories
    Win a match with your FIFA 12 Ultimate Team club.

    Tournament Victory
    Win a tournament in FIFA 12 Ultimate Team.

    I’ll Have That One
    Open your first pack in FIFA 12 Ultimate Team.

    Finish a match against a friend in FIFA 12 Ultimate Team.

    Growing Club
    Achieve a club value of 85,000,000 in FIFA 12 Ultimate Team.

    Sign a player on deadline day in Career Mode.

    Happy 20th EA Sports!
    Score 20 match goals in FIFA 12 to celebrate 20 years of EA SPORTS.

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