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    AWAR rilascia la patch v1.04 di Iron Front!
    Di seguito cosa cambia con la nuova patch:

    Version 1.04 Changelog
    * New: Engine version for a more stable game.
    * New: PPsh accept both drums and magazines (for players only). To change from drum to magazine, press Shift + R
    * Fixed: Sniper scope, now you don't lose the view of the target when firing with sniper.
    * Fixed: Anti-tank guns break correctly in multiplayer.
    * Fixed: Several multiplayer related crashes.
    * Fixed: Several errors in the multiplayer missions.
    * Fixed: Many bugs in the German and Soviet campaign.
    * Fixed: Pumpkin faces of the soviet army.
    * Fixed: Broken axis of the soviet 61-k AA gun.
    * Fixed: Problematical equipment hiddens of the German infantry.
    * Fixed: Various errors of the tank damage system, both in multiplayer and single player
    * Fixed: Several bugs of the single player campaigns.
    * Fixed: Tank binoculars position (when looking with binoculars, the commanders seat was empty).
    * Fixed: "Broken" sounds of MP-40, K-98 and DP-28 weapons.
    * Fixed: Errors with the broken parts from the vehicles, reduced their weight for the performance.
    * Fixed: Several errors with mines, wrong work and power of the explosives.
    * Fixed: King Tiger, Panther and SU-85 gun sights, which was missing on distances larger then 800 meters. Works on the default x2.5 magnification.
    * Fixed: Animation errors, the dead bodies were sometims moving a bit.
    * Fixed: Errors of the Tank riders module.
    * Fixed: Errors with cfgSkeletons, missions from the editor were never loading sometimes.

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