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    Wild Terra

    RPG and sandbox with hybrid building, crafting, gathering, farming and land Claiming elements. There is no NPCs in game so the only way to get something is to create it by yourself or trade from other players ... or take it with brutal force.
    Huge world. Free spaces of huge sizes where everyone can find His Own place. No squares or corners only pleasant graphics in middle ages style. A lot of unique places would make your journey full of discoveries. Search for treasures and you'll be Rewarded.

  2. Gather and hunt. Hey! What's growing here? Is it eatable? And who 'is there in the bushes in? Is it a hair? What are we going to do with it? Harvest all you can. You'll need everything in your journeys. Take stone and branch and you got an ax. Can not catch a rabbit? Try to craft a bow. Is it done? Then go hunting. Would you try to hunt a boar or a deer? Campfire is awesome but it's time to think about your own house.
  3. Build and craft. From shelter to castle. Free building everywhere you desire. Multi-storey buildings. Dozens of materials of any kind, Hundreds of schemes and crafting chains. Farming, gathering, husbandry, logging. Terraforming, planting, road building and water canals.
  4. Fight and win. Dozens types of weapon and armor with different mixes of skills and perks for use in combat. You do not need to wait too long. All newbie have a chance to win. Your personal skills are the way to victory. From local to global PvP battles. Build catapult and destroy enemy's castle. You want safety? You'll get safe zones with indestructible buildings and no loot drop after death.

    Start as a survivor - become a medieval king - http://www.playwildterra.com/ Early Access - Play right now!

    We really need help in translating the game into Italian. We use a very convenient and simple system. Basic Inglese proficiency will be enough. As a reward you will get access keys and gratitude of Italian players!
    If you want to help, please contact us info@playwildterra.com

  ► Wild Terra - indie MMO-sandbox. Need help with translate into Italian


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